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    Computer Systems Design and Architecture

    We offer network infrastructure design and administration services, clustering and virtualization of servers and IT services.


    Deployments of WIFI and additional services as security systems, Voice IP services and video.

    Systems Administration

    Remote administration to solve diary issues in workstations, and ticketing helpdesk for company workers. Remote infrastructure surveillance and administration

    IT management

    Full or partial management and administration of IT departments, with own or outsourced human resources. We manage all diary IT tasks, giving support to the company users.


    Identification, design, development and coding, and automation of processes. Software deployment CI/CD for automatic processes management.

    Design, development and coding.

    We are a coders tribe, and we are able to develop all kind of software: websites, webapps, ERP, CRM, etc.

    Third party API integrations

    We are able to integrate API and REST API solutions, in client or server environments.

    Plus services

    We offer other services as SEO/SEM management, UX/UI analysis and design, and front-end interface design for your digital apps.

    We build efficient software with human interfaces

    ¿Is really the software intuitive for humans? Sometimes, it does’nt seem. Out main objective is to build software intuitive platforms easy to use for a human user, platforms that can automatize monkey tasks in order to power up the creativity of the corporate resources in order to make grow the companies.

    Our clients said

    More than 15 years on fire, an you, our clients, are who make us to be better every day

    Fast view of our services

    Optimal algotithms for your processes

    • Design of data network infrastructures, regardless of geographic separation between locations.
    • Detection of critical services and visualization of services, servers and workstations.
    • Implementation of clusters of virtual servers and ESXI hosts (VMWare).
    • Generation, configuration and administration of virtual machines.
    • Complete administration of IT services.
    • Complete management of IT resources through outsourcing or in-house.
    • Installation, configuration and administration of corporate datacenters (CDNs).
    • Helpdesk services for users.
    We design and develop software oriented (or not) to work in the cloud:
    • Webapps, corporate portals and user extranets.
    • ERP/CRM software for multi-company management.
    • Predictive systems and data analysis.
    • Tools for teamwork.
    • Corporate resource control and monitoring systems.
    • (...) ¡any idea that crosses your mind!
    • Identification, design and implementation of processes.
    • Detection of critical and non-critical processes.
    • Process automation.
    • Experts in Jenkins, a tool for organization and process management.
    • Experts in design, programming and automation of processes in Windows and Linux.
    • Remote assistance to users to solve incidents.
    • Resolution of doubts and technical assistance through ticket systems.

    Some examples of our work

    Take a look to some examples of our work

    What do you need ? Contact us and we will give you the optimal solution to your problems

    Our development process

    We use agile methods and blockchain based algorithms

    All of our development processes are guided through stricted concrete methodologies, in order to guarantee the maximum quality to all of our crafted products. All development processes has 4 main stages, and is checked through an strict Quality Assesment Process made by an external team.

    We are working on our Client Intranet, which will be ready soon.


    Initial analysis of all project requirements. Initial budget for execution.


    Development and implementation of all project elements. Intermediate modifications due to additional requirements.

    QA and beta testing

    Quality Assessment of all the elements developed.

    Start up

    Start-up in production and agreed period of customer training if necessary.