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    We are a technology company, dedicated to software development in the cloud #techtribe @BITALEGRE_Dev_Hub

    Engineering and developers HUB @BITALEGRE_Dev_Hub

    Improving companies, sharing technology, helping people

    Optimal solutions for your company

    We deploy humanized IT environments, with high availability virtualized services, automating company processes, and developing humanized software multiplatform.

    High prepared human team

    Our developer HUB is formed by designers, UX/UI specialists, mathematics, engineers, data analists, and well-formed developers. Allways online, always on fire.

    We make simple your IT management

    We provide full technological services, from network infrastructure to automation processes software of the companies.

    Experience and solvency

    Since 2007 we are digitalling and optimizing IT services and resources in the companies. Optimal network infrastructures, clustering and virtualization of corporate servers, processes automations, and developing ERP/CRM/E-commerce software and other apps like intranets, control software, mailmarketing systems, etc.

    We design and manage IT departments in full, or partial through outsourced resources or managing own company resources

    Please, contact us and let us to know your requirements, we will plan a good, optimal project plan.

    Infraestructura de red de datos, voz y video 0
    Virtualización de servicios con VMWare 0
    Diseño, desarrollo y automatización de procesos 0
    Inegeniería de software. Desarrollo e implantación. 0
    Gestión y helpdesk IT 0

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