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    Full IT management, systems engineering and application development

    Making plus added value

    We give to you quality services, which are an added value for your company

    Drastically reduce your social costs of the IT department, and let us to manage your services and resources Make power growth to your company with crafted software, the only way to reflex your business model in your ERP software

    Power your servers and data storages, virtualizing non-critical services, and making more flexible your company work. We deploy your digital cloud, in order to get fully controlled all your digital services and resources .


    Network infrastructures, servers, CDNs, virtualizations

    • Design and deployment of all your company network infrastructures.
    • Virtual Private Networks (VPN).
    • Virtualization of non-critical services and workstations.
    • Secure tunnel connections between company offices.
    • WIFI deployment and administration.
    • Secure integration of third party services into the company private network.
    • Traffic analytics and cybersecurity.
    • We are VMWare specialists.

    IT Management. CI/CD processes automations.

    • Management and system administration of network infrastructures, servers and workstations.
    • Clustering and virtualization of IT services.
    • Hiagh availability of critical services.
    • Traffic control, cable or wifi, and intrusion prevention.
    • Full IT Management.
    • Outsourced IT resources.
    • Security control dashboards, and automatic report events systems.

    Software Engineering. Developments and coding.

    • Development of corporate IT services: webapps, ticketing systems, intranets, team work systems, third party integrations, etc.
    • Corporate ERP, CRM, etc. crafted software systems.
    • Development and integration of third party apps for telework environments.
    • Presence control systems.
    • Third party software integrations.
    • API and SOAP development of software between corporate apps.
    • We are able to code everything!

    Other services

    • Support helpdesk.
    • UX/UI analysis and development.
    • Front-end interfaces design.
    • SEO/SEM code optimizations.
    • Social networks.

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